From its begin, BEST has been thought with YOU in mind. With your lifestyle, your desires, your well-being. From inception BEST aimed to bring you a piece of relaxation without you doing any effort. A service which everyone wants but not everyone can make time for it. At BEST we believe we can offer you the massage you badly need in a better way. Not only to give you the service itself but also the journey to there to be as seamless as possible.

BEST is the fastest growing mobile massage service from The Netherlands. Bringing at your doorstep experienced and trained massage therapists, BEST does it the easiest possible. We try not only to offer you effortless service but also easy and fast booking process. 


All BEST therapists are professional trained in different types of massage therapies and all of of them are specialized in one or more types of massage therapy.

The therapist visiting you are proper trained how to make your session as comfortable as possible. We make sure the massage therapists are FAIR payed for the hard work they do.

As for your safety and to ensure a high quality service, we make sure the massage therapists are vetted and less than 50% of the applicants are accepted.

The main goals points for BEST are:

  • excellent massage sessions;
  • costumer safety;
  • therapist safety;
  • proper health and hygiene standards



BEST is here to make your aches
and pains go away without you making any effort.


We deliver wellness service at
the highest quality and our main goal is your well-being.



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The therapist will bring with them massage table, table sheets, oils, aromatherapy scents, towels and music. You can use your own sheets and towels if you prefer it that way. Make sure you have a place for the table to be placed and enough room for therapist to go around it.

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For a safe massage session for you and the therapist, please follow the advise below

  • No shaking hands
  • Therapist will wear a face mask during the massage session
  • Wash your body and hands before the massage session
  • Provide a kitchen sink, powder room, or bathroom for the therapist to wash his/her hands
  • Have the house/room good aired before the session
  • Do not book if you have flu-like, covid-19 symptoms


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